Estilo Vida Latina

We are the University of Life!

We want to share knowledge, experiences, life advice, some secrets, but above all that we can grow together as people, putting aside materialism and looking deeply at the need of those who are by our side, using our professional knowledge and experiences to support each other. mutually in achieving success.

What we offer


Through the use of various strategies we contribute to unleashing your potential to maximize your performance, helping you learn instead of teaching.

Brand development

With creativity and innovation and the use of digital tools, we contribute to define and design your presence and personal or commercial brand, so that it transmits the message that identifies you.

Network management

In a professional and responsible way we contribute to building and managing your online community, managing the identity and image of your brand, promoting customer loyalty.

Web development

Through the use of computer tools, we create your web presence adapting to your needs and particularities of your brand, providing your customers with an additional level of security.

A whole sea of possibilities in your hands

Main Programs

Daily program

In this new century it is necessary to breathe and return to that simple, but important “Daily School Program” and for this reason we want to motivate you to do it even if you are an adult..

Entrepreneurs Support

Our commitment is to help you with the beginning of your first 7 steps, as entrepreneurs we support each other and we all grow together in community.


Strategies for instructing children that their family, siblings, and friends are their neighbors, that selfishness needs to be given up, and that quality time should be shared.

Happy Professionals

This program is divided into several sections that can be taken together or separately, helping to develop your full human and professional potential..

Positive news