Universidad de la Vida

Growth, Advisory and Support programs

In a world as competitive as the current one, which is constantly evolving, it is essential to renew our knowledge to adapt satisfactorily to changes, regardless of the educational level we have achieved, it is important to update ourselves to new ways of handling information; because there is so much data that we must take into account and control, that sometimes we feel overwhelmed, which makes it difficult to visualize our goals or objectives. With this list of programs immediately applicable to our daily life, we intend to put in your hands all the necessary tools so that you never lose sight of your goals and while you adapt to each one of them, we take you by the hand and guide, supporting you in every stage of your growth.

Daily program

In this new century it is necessary to breathe and return to that simple, but important “Daily School Program” and for this reason we want to motivate you to do it even if you are an adult.

Entrepreneurs Support

Our commitment is to help you with the beginning of your first 7 steps, as entrepreneurs we support each other and we all grow together in community.


Strategies for instructing children that their family, siblings, and friends are their neighbors, that selfishness needs to be given up, and that quality time should be shared.

Happy Professionals

This program is divided into several sections that can be taken together or separately, helping to develop your full human and professional potential..

Kids Style Vida Latina

We instruct children and adolescents, enhancing their skills and guiding them together with their families to manage their leadership abilities from an early age.

Household Manager

The contribution that a woman dedicates to her home is impossible to quantify, with this program we contribute to demonstrate its value and its influence on the development of society.

Student scholarships

In the Universidad de la Vida We accompany your effort by covering up to 100% of the cost of the selected program, as long as it meets the requirements and there are places available.

Professional Webinar

Discover and enhance your skills with a range of tools specially designed for your professional development, which you can choose according to your goals and needs..